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Reduce by Reusing

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What ever happened to packing your lunch? One of my best memories is making lunch with my Dad before I went off to school and him to work. But now with our busy schedules and the plethora of great lunch spots all around Cape Cod it’s easy to justify going out for that afternoon meal.   Take-out has many health and environmental set backs. The simple act of taking out requires some type of vessel and most of the time it’s plastic or the dreaded Styrofoam. A little know fact about Styrofoam is that the heat of your food actually...

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Eco and non toxic (that's right, non-toxic) furniture

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You know that scent that you smell when you sit for the first time in a new car?  That smell is actually toxins off-gassing.  It’s the same toxic off- gassing that new furniture has, only you may not experience the same smell because it is not contained in a small air tight space like in your car.  Almost all furniture that is painted, finished or contains foam cushioning will contain as much as 300 different toxic chemicals.  These chemicals will infiltrate the air quality in your home by simply unpack aging them.  VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and fire retardants are...

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Coming Soon!

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Shift is putting the eco in Cape Cod by launching our very own blog that will tell you more about our philosophies, our products, our experience, and fill you in on how you can put the eco into your own lives.

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