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Eco Product Promo: Trust Jewelry

Antique Bracelets Eco Product Promo Made on Cape Cod Necklaces Shift Trust Jewelry

Trust Jewelry nails all the components of the perfect item: locally made on Cape Cod, ethically made by recycling vintage elements and uniquely made, as no two pieces are exactly the same.


Trust Jewelry began as a collection made by Tanya Rustigan featuring antique keys, the story behind each one adding a individual backstory to her jewelry. Rustigan, a Plymouth, Mass. native, is inspired by her travels, the ocean, the sun and moon, adventures, people and places. Rustigan’s parents worked in the antique business, leading her to create her original key collection.


She has since expanded her business to include necklaces, bracelets, anklets and head chains in a variety of themes. Her collections have an overarching bohemian feel while each one tells a different story.

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