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Eco Product Promo: Oxgut Hose Company

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If you are looking for the perfect eco-friendly addition to your home or a unique gift with a thoughtful story, Oxgut Hose Company delivers.


Oxgut Hose Company recovers retired fire hose from fire departments across the United States and converts the hose into funky and purposeful furniture, home décor and accessories. Oxgut saves tons of decommissioned fire hose and turns it over to designers and artisans who give the hose new life and purpose. While the company’s name celebrates the first fire hoses from Ancient Greece, the company’s mission and vision focus on the present and future. Oxgut Hose Company salvages material that would otherwise succumb to landfills and incorporates it into exclusive designs made in the United States. Additionally, the company honors the life-saving origins of their products by giving back to the Children’s Burn Foundation.


From mats to tote bags, each Oxgut Hose Company piece tells an individual story. Each hose has genuine character from real wear and tear from saving lives and putting out fires. Every Oxgut Hose Company product is designed and repurposed to be as durable and strong in the home as the fire department. Now if only each piece came with a complimentary strong fireman!

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