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Eco Product Promo: Docksmith Charging Stations

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Modern day technology and our smart phones have their perks, for sure. Connecting to people all over the world. News as it happens. Aps that allow us to promote our businesses, check movie reviews, and see live video streams of events happening 5000 miles away.

But one aspect of modern day technology that is super unattractive: cords, wires and chargers.

This is why we now stock Docksmith charging stations (in addition to the fact that they are completely eco-friendly):

The owners of Docksmith comb local and faraway beaches of Maine to find wood that has enough character with which to create functional art. They carefully select wood from the beaches, lakes and forests of Maine that will not disturb eco-systems or natural habitats. After the wood has been dried in the sun or in their custom made kiln, the docking stations are minimally processed and made by hand in their wood working shops.


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