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Reduce by Reusing

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What ever happened to packing your lunch? One of my best memories is making lunch with my Dad before I went off to school and him to work. But now with our busy schedules and the plethora of great lunch spots all around Cape Cod it’s easy to justify going out for that afternoon meal.


Take-out has many health and environmental set backs. The simple act of taking out requires some type of vessel and most of the time it’s plastic or the dreaded Styrofoam. A little know fact about Styrofoam is that the heat of your food actually releases the toxins in the container into your meal and unless you are recycling that plastic take out box you’re creating more waste. Even most sandwich paper is waxed and therefore not recyclable and of course, they always put that one container or wrapped sandwich in a bag for your convenience.


Packing your own lunch can also be wasteful - plastic baggies, paper bags, one-time-use drink containers - that’s why this week we are promoting reusable water bottles, sandwich, snack and lunch bags and reusable utensils. We want to help you transport your healthy locally sourced meal in containers that do not leach toxins into your foods. We know it’s not easy to make your lunch everyday, but set a goal for yourself to do it 2-3 times a week. Eating meals on a regular schedule with healthy snacks in between will supply your body and brain with more energy to get you through the day!


Reduce Paper and Plastic Waste
by Reusing   

-Instead of plastic baggies, put sandwiches and snacks in reusable cloth baggies

-Instead of brown paper bags, choose a reusable cloth bag to pack your food in for the day

-Instead of paper napkins, stock up on reusable cloth napkins

-Instead of drinking from one-time-use containers, invest in a reusable drink container

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