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Eco and non toxic (that's right, non-toxic) furniture

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You know that scent that you smell when you sit for the first time in a new car?  That smell is actually toxins off-gassing.  It’s the same toxic off- gassing that new furniture has, only you may not experience the same smell because it is not contained in a small air tight space like in your car.  Almost all furniture that is painted, finished or contains foam cushioning will contain as much as 300 different toxic chemicals.  These chemicals will infiltrate the air quality in your home by simply unpack aging them.  VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and fire retardants are mostly responsible for these toxins as well as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and toluene.   

So, how do we avoid these toxic chemicals when furnishing our homes?  Look for upholstered furniture that does not contain flame retardants or stain resistant treatments.  Source furniture that is constructed of solid wood rather than manufactured wood such as particle board and plywood that typically contains formaldehyde-based glues.  Furniture constructed of glass or metal typically aren’t finished with a varnish or paint and are usually safe.   Purchasing furniture that is recycled or second hand is an excellent option as well.

At Shift we offer an upholstery line manufactured in California that does not contain the once injected fire retardants required in sofas, chairs and upholstered headboards.  We offer several lines of recycled and upcycled wood furniture and solid wood furniture as well as found furniture and glass and metal options.  We can source almost anything you are looking for either locally or across the country.

The most important thing to us is that we are selling something that is safe and will enhance your life, not inhibit it!


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