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Eco Product Promo: Apotheke

Apotheke candles charcoal diffuser Eco Product Promo Made in USA Shift soap

As more and more consumers become interested and aware of how their products are made, businesses like Apotheke thrive by providing beautiful, simply designed and quality products. Apotheke was founded by Chrissy Fichtl and Sebastian Picasso, who sought to create an authentic and thoughtful business. Their factory and office, both located in Brooklyn, work closely with American suppliers and other small businesses to keep their efforts as genuine as possible.  Their line of merchandise includes soaps, candles, diffusers, lotions, travel candles, bath salts and scrubs, facial care and a line for men.    At Shift, we are thrilled to carry Apotheke products....

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Eco Product Promo: 31 Bits

31 Bits Eco Product Promo Made in Uganda Necklaces Paper Jewelry recycled reduce reuse Shift

31 Bits was started by a group of college friends: Kallie Dovel, Alli Swanson, Anna Toy, Brooke Hodges and Jessie Simonson as they approached the crossroads of life after college. As they were making plans for post-grad life, they were inspired by Kallie’s travels to Uganda, where she had met impoverished but fabulously talented women making jewelry from old posters. When Kallie brought back jewelry for them to sell to family and friends, they realized they could combine the creativity of these Ugandan women with a business plan and market of buyers. The following year they set up their organization...

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Eco Product Promo: Trust Jewelry

Antique Bracelets Eco Product Promo Made on Cape Cod Necklaces Shift Trust Jewelry

Trust Jewelry nails all the components of the perfect item: locally made on Cape Cod, ethically made by recycling vintage elements and uniquely made, as no two pieces are exactly the same.       Trust Jewelry began as a collection made by Tanya Rustigan featuring antique keys, the story behind each one adding a individual backstory to her jewelry. Rustigan, a Plymouth, Mass. native, is inspired by her travels, the ocean, the sun and moon, adventures, people and places. Rustigan’s parents worked in the antique business, leading her to create her original key collection.       She has...

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Eco Product Promo: Harry Barker

all natural dog toys dogs eco boutique Eco Product Promo Harry Barker non-toxic recycled reduce reuse Shift

       Often times, the lifestyle choices we make to better ourselves by making informed decisions about the food we eat and the products we buy don’t translate to our furry friends. Enter Harry Barker: dog products with style, quality, and durability at an affordable price.        Harry Barker was founded by animal lover and former Ford model Carol Perkins. After appearing in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Victoria’s Secret, Carol developed Cushing’s disease and her recovery process allowed her to channel her love of dogs and textiles into thoughtful goods for dogs. Taking her dog beds, toys...

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Eco Product Promo: Oxgut Hose Company

eco boutique fire hose home decor Oxgut Hose Company recycled reduce reuse Shift

If you are looking for the perfect eco-friendly addition to your home or a unique gift with a thoughtful story, Oxgut Hose Company delivers.   Oxgut Hose Company recovers retired fire hose from fire departments across the United States and converts the hose into funky and purposeful furniture, home décor and accessories. Oxgut saves tons of decommissioned fire hose and turns it over to designers and artisans who give the hose new life and purpose. While the company’s name celebrates the first fire hoses from Ancient Greece, the company’s mission and vision focus on the present and future. Oxgut Hose...

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