about shift boutique

Working under the sub-label of "eco-boutique," Shift is geared towards women of all ages who consciously want to enjoy purchasing quality wardrobe staples as much as couture clothing and having some sort of a connection to what they wear.

The boutique was opened in early winter 2009 by Amanda Converse and Amy Dufault, along with Justine Coppenrath who were all passionate about bringing this concept to Cape Cod. Since opening, the success of the boutique has resulted from lots of hard work, really fun events, collaborations with local businesses, transparency with customers (nobody can leave looking bad in Shift clothes) and most importantly, a good eye for beautiful clothing. Amy has since moved on to become the full-time fashion editor of EcoSalon.com, while Amanda and Justine remain dedicated to providing the local and online community with a great shopping experience.


Shift is proud to be a locally owned store on Cape Cod with many local friends and partners. Shift is also proud to be a part of a global community trying to educate people about eco-fashion and environmental causes. Click here to check out a few of our favorite local businesses and global organizations.